As the leading sole distributor of Benimar Motorhomes in Malaysia, Luxe Motorhomes & Caravans, bring you a range of Benimar motorhomes with UK specifications to maximize comfort and value. Benimar has been producing motorhomes for nearly 40 years and is today the undisputed leader of the Spanish motorhome market. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasurPerkarangan Kumpulan Media Karangkraf, e, you can now experience your personal space in comfort and style at your own pace. We provide the brands that best suit your needs and lifestyle here. Benimar models offer compact size motorhomes at reasonable price with excellent features and finishing to give the luxurious and modern comfort yet practical on your travel journeys.

All models of the motorhomes come with the all-new powerful Fiat Professional Ducato chassis as standard, rich in content and technology. It is agile to handle, simple to drive, spacious, and beautiful to see and to experience. All models are specified with driver and passenger airbags, cruise control, ABS braking, automatic lights and wipers, cab air conditioning, high level DAB radio with touch screen and integrated rear view observation camera and sat nav as standard. Using modern technology, the 2017 Mileo range is now built using a 99% wood-free construction. In addition, Fiat Ducato has won the prestigious award of ‘Best camper base 2017’, conferred by the readers of ‘Promobil’, the German trade magazine that has been a reference for the motorhome sector for the last 25 years.

Luxe Motorhomes & Caravans continues to add unique features, provide comforts and the latest amenities to its lineup of motorhomes. You’ll find detailed information about some of these key features listed below. It all goes into making every Luxe Motorhomes & Caravans motorhome a better motorhome experience.

Why You Need a Motorhome?


1. Feel at-home in a Motorhome

Motorhomes are equipped with comfortable living, dining, sleeping and bathroom facilities. Propane tanks fire up the stove and refrigerator. Electrical systems run off the motorhome’s batteries or gas- or diesel-powered generator. A water tank holds fresh water, and holding tanks separate waste water into gray (from sinks and showers) and black (from the toilet.) In a motorhome, it’s all systems go. So, you will feel at home.

2. The Great Outdoors

There are many physical and mental health benefits of outdoor recreation. Well, motorhoming is a springboard to all sorts of recreational activities. Visit different states, balik kampung, go hiking or fishing. Try whitewater rafting or canoeing, play golf or tennis. Or, simply enjoy fresh air and natural settings. With a motorhome, you can carry your recreation gear with you, and you don’t have to worry about the hassle of looking for a place to stay.

3. Freedom and Convenience of Motorhome Travel

A motorhome’s on-board closets and storage space eliminate the need to pack, unpack and carry bulky suitcases. You can keep the motorhome stocked with food, clothing and essentials so you can just hop in and go. Take off on last-minute mini vacations, tailgating events and weekend trips. Create your own adventures along the way. Stop and take a break when you choose. The destinations are endless, from famous attractions to hidden treasures along a rural byway. And just think … all the while, you’re avoiding tight schedules, long lines, luggage restrictions and the security gauntlet at the airport.

4. Multiple uses for Motorhomes

A motorhome is a recreation vehicle that can be used for much more than the occasional short trips. Motorhome owners use their coaches for business endeavors or to pursue hobbies such as sightseeing, and many others. A motorhome provides innumerable opportunities to help individuals, families, communities and charitable causes during your travels. A motorhome is comfortable for long distance driving or even getting stuck in traffic jams especially during peak or holiday seasons. Production houses can use the motorhomes at sets for film, drama or commercial productions with the full-equipped amenities and facilities.

5. Bond with family in a motorhome

Whether it’s a long excursion or a weekend getaway, motorhome trips can strengthen family bonds weakened by busy daily lives. Family members tend to connect with each other when they are away from their normal routines and enjoying a simpler lifestyle. Motorhome trips can foster communication and churn out good times to share and then treasure. In addition, a motorhome is a great, nonintrusive guesthouse while visiting friends and family.

6. Motorhome travel can broaden kids’ horizons

Because sleeping quarters, kitchens, dining areas and bathrooms are readily accessible, motorhoming is a great way to travel with children. It’s much more relaxing when you don’t have to continually look for rest areas and restaurants. Plus, seeing the world through kids’ eyes opens up a new set of wonders for adults. Motorhome travel can help children learn to appreciate the outdoors and gain insights into different people and places. The opportunities to learn about geography and nature are endless. The kids may forget it’s a learning experience. Family Gathering

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Luxe Motorhomes & Caravans allows you to experience a completely different vacation – everyday you can explore other, new places, and yet are still at home. You still have at hand all travel equipment even with thousand of kilometers you drive.

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