Benimar x ThatNomadGuy

Get ready to immerse and indulge yourself to a new lifestyle that sets you free to roam and travel the world in a luxurious and versatile motorhomes.

Benimar Motorhome x That Nomad Guy.
Brought to you by Luxe Motorhomes.

Credit to :
Music by : Viola Martinsson – Made Of
Location : Sekinchan – Bukit Melawati – Teluk Intan – Penang Island – Promthep Cape Phuket

Special thanks to Azree (that nomad guy), crew, Mr Nizam from Kg Panchang Bedena.

LUXE Motorhomes & Caravans – Just Brilliant

Benimar x ThatNomadGuy
Let’s End 2018 with a BANG!
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