About LUXE Motorhomes & Caravans

Work - Life - Play - Relationship

Don’t always require scheduling and separation of space

Luxe Motorhome and Caravan is trained and the sole distributor of an international brand – Benimar Motorhome, in Malaysia.  In partnership, both bring to Malaysia years of experience to maximise comfort and value to suit the Malaysian lifestyle.  Nothing beats expertise, combined with passion and years of experience.

Definitely first to market, Luxe Motorhomes & Caravans is keen to bring various opportunities for Malaysians to enjoy the luxury and convenience of a Motorhome; may it be for business, leisure or social.  The possibilities are endless, for personal enjoyment with friends and family; unique branding to business owners and even for the adventurous investors who are ready to invest in possible rental commodity.

The quality is of international standards, based on the UK specifications to maximise comfort and satisfaction.  The heart however, is truly Malaysian.  Nowhere else will you find this combination. 

Just Brilliant

Brilliant Cooperation

INTERLOCKING LOOPS OF – professionalism, relationship, fun, efficiency and comfort.

Brilliant Convenience

CLOSELY & FIRMLY JOINED TOGETHER THROUGH – relationships, efficiency, community and connection.

Brilliant Comfort

CLOSELY & INTIMATELY UNITED THROUGH BEING – on the move, adventurous, in relationship, efficient and in connection.


Main Service

The provision of high quality customer service, end-to-end, from the choosing of ideal motorhomes to receiving the most updated sales services and maintenance, including information of trending activities and fittings in the motorhome industry.

LUXE Motorhomes work with various support centres to ensure all motorhome owners get the support you need from the purchasing decisions, to finance and maintenance and services outlets across Malaysia.

Our Purpose

Our BIG WHY is rooted in our love for the MALAYSIA and travellers alike, and wanting to be the first and preferred motorhome consultants that could go beyond selection and sales of vehicles, but to introduce a lifestyle of traveling, family and professional success best suited for the Malaysian.   

We bring the best motorhome from the Benimar Motorhome Arm that covers UK specifications to maximise comfort and value relevant and familiar to local taste.  

LUXE Motorhomes & Caravans has every intention to share with Malaysians the various possibilities and opportunities that come with owning a motorhome that not only include leisure, convenience and comfort but also the option of renting, running a business and becoming a safe space for community outreach programs.

The brand we bring to you extends beyond personal space but surpasses imagination.  It is designed to cater to clients’ needs to whims and fancy.